Wilson review

Wilson review

2017 movie Wilson review. NO SPOILERS. SFW. After reading the review you can decide whether the movie Wilson is worth watching or not.

Movie information
Movie genre are drama and comedy. The USA movie release date was 24th March, 2017. MPAA rated R. Key actors are Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern, Isabella Amara and Judy Greer. Movie was directed by Craig Johnson. Duration of the movie is 101 minutes.

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Wilson Review
The 2017 movie Wilson is based on a novel by the same name written by Daniel Clowes. The movie is about how Wilson (played by Woody Harrelson) has to deal with relations and people. Although the official genre of the movie is comedy drama; there is less comedy and more drama. The comedy is based on dialogues and few funny scenes, however the humor is not hilarious. I would rate the comedy in the movie a 5 out of 10. The drama in the movie is quite gripping and it gave me a feeling of sadness and understanding of loneliness. Hence I would say Wilson is a drama movie with a mix of comedy. Notable is the acting of Woody Harrelson. My guess is that he very likely to be nominated for Best actor in Academy Awards for the movie Wilson.

Wilson plot (without spoilers)
Wilson is an old fashioned man who is past middle aged. He is a bit self-centered and prefers to openly criticize anyone or anything that he does not like. He also praises the few people or things which he likes. At this age and with his behavior he leads a lonely life. Realizing this he tries to bring people into his life and find happiness. Wilson shows the emotional and social state of most people in this modern world.

Q. Is Wilson worth watching?
A. If you want to watch a comedy movie then you can skip Wilson because you could end up feeling sad while watching the movie. If you like drama movies with sadness and some comedy then watching Wilson is recommended.

How to be a Latin lover review

How to be a Latin lover review

NO SPOILERS. SFW ‘How to be a Latin lover review‘. After reading the review you can decide whether movie How to be a Latin lover is worth watching or not.

Movie information
Movie genre are comedy and family. The USA movie release date was 28th April 2017. MPAA rated PG-13. Key actors are Eugenio Derbez, Salma Hayek, Raphael Alejandro, Raquel Welch and Rob Riggle. Movie was directed by Ken Marino. Duration of the movie is 115 minutes.

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How to be latin lover review

How to be a Latin lover review
Movie is a pure comedy movie with family elements. Contrary to the movie title, its not a romantic comedy movie. Maximo played by Eugenio Derbez finds his life going downhill and is desperate to get back to life of luxury. He seeks the help of his sister played by Salma Hayek and his nephew played by Raphael Alejandro. So the movie is about the things he does to get his rich lifestyle and the time he spends with his sister and nephew.
So the story is quite simple. The main part is the humor in the movie, which also happens to be the strengths of the movie. How to be a Latin lover has plenty of comedy throughout the movie. There is very little dull moment in the movie. Apart from comedy, the family element of the movie is also good. Eugenio Derbez plays his part quite well and is supported well by Salma Hayek and Raphael Alejandro. Due to language and few scenes the movie is MPAA rated PG-13.

Q. Is How to be a Latin lover worth watching?
A. How to be a Latin lover is one of the few comedy movies of 2017 which has made me laugh hard. If you are looking for a movie which will make you laugh rather than giggle and has plenty of comedy then How to be a Latin lover is definitely worth watching. I would rate How to be a Latin lover 8 out of 10.

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Hunter X Hunter 361 manga

Hunter X Hunter 361 manga

hunter hunter 361

After an year of hiatus Hunter x Hunter the popular action manga series has resumed. The latest chapter 361 is finally out. Yoshihiro Togashi the author of the manga has resumed writing the manga series. Hunter x Hunter 361 starts off from where it left on Dark Continent Expedition arc. Kurapika who is on the ship acting as bodyguard for the youngest prince Woble. On the ship one of the bodyguard attacks allied bodyguards while being controlled by a parasite type Nen beast.
The new chapter features a 22 page story. Hunter x Hunter fans can finally rejoice and track their favorite series. Enjoy.